Paris Hilton Is Tricked Into Believing She Is Going To Die In Egyptian Reality Show Prank

Publish Date
Monday, 29 June 2015, 6:48AM

This is just mean! 

In this disturbingly elaborate prank for an Egyptian reality show, Paris Hilton thought she was going to die when the plane she was on started plummeting to the ground.  

Paris was attending a hotel opening in Dubai courtesy of Egyptian TV personality Ramez Galal and the producers of his “Ramez in Control” show when the show’s hosts talked her into an aerial tour of the city.

She had no idea that her pilot was a stunt ace and that fellow passengers were actors and as the plane plummeted, the actors pretended to freak out, with at least one, presumably a professional skydiver, jumping out of the craft.

Paris is understandably hysterical throughout the the whole ordeal.

After the plane landed safely, Ramez Galal told Paris that she had been pranked.

As an international jet-setter, Paris explained: “It’s been my biggest fear my whole life was dying in a plane because I fly almost every day of my life.”