Mum Shaves Daughter's Head As Punishment For Bullying Bald Cancer Patient

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 7:21AM

This video shows a mother shaving her daughter's hair supposedly as punishment for bullying a bald cancer patient.

The girl, sitting in a bath, screams and covers her eyes as the older woman shaves off large clumps of hair and throws them on the floor. 

The footage went viral on social media with the caption, 'This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her mum decided to shave her head'.

But an earlier version of the video, appearing more than a year earlier, said the younger woman was being punished for uploading nude photographs online.

The mother and daughter are speaking Portuguese, although it is not known in what country the footage was filmed.

Many people online believe the mother had acted inappropriately.

One user wrote: 'That went a bit too far.'

Another said: 'It always starts at home. And parents need to stop posting their children's humiliation on the Internet.'


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