Mother Claims to Have Filmed GOBLIN Running Past Her Toddler

Publish Date
Friday, 9 October 2015, 4:00PM

This video filmed in Argentina shows a little figure appearing behind a young boy named Benjamin. 

The video maker said that her son often talked to himself in this room but she never worried because she thought it was something to do with his age.

However, she now believes that her son, who is now five years old, has had numerous conversations with the little creatures.

On the day the goblin was captured on camera, Silvia said that Benjamin appeared to be nervous so she grabbed for her phone and started filming.

When she spotted the little creature she believed it to be a field mouse at first, but after studying the tape deduced that it was something very peculiar.

Silvia added that the creatures have continued to visit her house - her evidence is the unbearable smell they are said to leave behind.

This video was filmed in 2011 but has only recently emerged online after the family decided to share their secret.

Many people online are skeptical...


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