Man Fails to be 'Eaten Alive' by Anaconda

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 December 2014, 5:07PM

Discovery Channel has been advertising a show 'Eaten Alive' where the aim was to get an anaconda to swallow a man wearing a 'snake proof suit' and pull him out again (without harming either the man or the snake). Unsurprising, there was plenty of controversy over this plan.

TMZ has learned that viewers were actually fooled a little and the snake was NOT found in the wild but rather brought in from captivity and Paul failed to be 'eaten' at all by the snake.

Sources on the production say the stand-in snake turned out to be too small to get the job done - as far as swallowing Paul - but was still strong enough to rip his arm out of the socket. He eventually tapped out when that pain became too much to bear.

Anyway, watch the video to see what happened...

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