Kiwi Sam Neill Nails His First Graham Norton Appearance

Publish Date
Monday, 10 October 2016, 10:19AM

Kiwi acting legend Sam Neill made his debut on the Graham Norton Show at the weekend, to huge success.

Neill was on the show to promote the Taika Waititi-directed Hunt For the Wilderpeople, in which he stars opposite the now 13-year-old Julian Dennison.

But when Norton gushed that Dennison stole every scene, Neill responded: "Everyone says that, which is kind of irritating".

"It's his film. These scenes weren't his to steal," he joked.

"No, I think he's fantastic and such a nice kid. We've been all over the world together with this little movie that came from nowhere which people seem to really respond to, and it's been a great adventure."

And when Norton pointed out it was the highest-grossing Kiwi film we've ever had, Neill jokingly clarified: "We don't really count the Lord of the Rings because it's American money".

Neill was seated next to his old pal Ewan McGregor, prompting host Norton to force a couple of ukuleles on them for an on-the-spot performance.

Neill played - under mild protest - while McGregor sang, charming the audience from the off.

The Peaky Blinders star also won over his host, by introducing him to a calf he'd named Graham Norton, as well as all his other farm animals - all of which are named after celebrities.

But the big winner of the night came when Neill got roped into re-enacting a scene from Jurassic Park alongside Hart.



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