Hear Vaughan gush about his daughter Indie's first day of school

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 10:00AM

If you weren't aware by now, you need to know that Vaughan produces some seriously cute offspring. He has two daughters: Indie who is 5 and August who is 2.

You might remember August from the viral "milk pour" video:

And Indie from the video where Vaughan talks about her AMAZING report from kindy.

ANYWAY, Indie just finished Kindy and had her first day at school and we wondered if there would be tears from Vaughan on her big day...You know, he does pop out to the garage to have a cry when he needs to...

Watch Vaughan talk about how the first day went. He was actually okay!!!!!!!!! (Besides the time in the shed...)

So cute! Vaughan, you big softie!!


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