Guy Brutally Chooses a £184 Voucher Over A Girl On An Irish Dating Show

Publish Date
Monday, 28 September 2015, 3:25PM


Instead of picking this chick to go on a date with, this dude chose a voucher for a car servicing shop instead.

Corey Hanna from Derry appeared on Irish dating show Pioc Do Ride, or Pick Your Ride, a Blind Date-style show.

Corey was given the choice of three young men who were all wearing racing overalls and helmet so the only thing she would be able to discover about them was the state of their cars.

After looking through the three cars, Corey picked ‘number one’ who then revealed himself to be Liam Antaine.

But in a horrible twist, the presenter of the show revealed: ‘I hate to say it but Liam has the final decision. You can get 250 euros (£184) for a night out together… or a 250 euros Advance Pitstop voucher.’

And he went for the car voucher.

Corey took to Twitter as the show aired, writing: ‘Well that’s it. He chose the car… I’m still single.’

Don’t worry Corey – it turns out the car wasn’t even Liam’s but his mum’s!

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