Channing Tatum Saying Hateful Things to a Kitty

Publish Date
Wednesday, 9 December 2015, 4:17PM

Only Channing Tatum can still be cute even when saying hateful remarks to kittens.

The very good looking actor couldn't be at "The Hateful Eight" interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday, so Kimmel's team came up with another (very unusual) way for him to be involved. In lieu of an appearance, Tatum would instead make a video where he says hateful things to a kitten.

Cursing out a tiny cute kitten sounds like it wouldn't be the best thing for someone's reputation, but that's not the case for Tatum. Despite doing everything from flipping off the kitten to telling it that it smells like garbage, the actor is still as charming as ever.




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