You told us your favourite sugary treat alternatives!

Publish Date
Monday, 12 October 2020, 1:02PM

This week Georgia is going sugar free- no sweet treats, chocolate or ice cream!

So we asked YOU for your fave sweet treat alternatives and these were some of the epic suggestions.

See your suggestions below:

"Try Dr. Feelgood Frozen Pops for a no refined white sugar option. Made in NZ too."

"Spicy Cinnamon Tea!"

"Fruit Smoothies! Especially with berries, plus they fill you up as well"

"Dates are a great substitution for sweet things. If you like peanut butter you can always cut them I half and put a dollop if peanut butter in the middle. #Delicious"

"Grapes and strawberries. Natures lollies!"

"Frozen grapes Cold Pineapple Majool Dates , cut in half with almond butter - the best thing for a sweet craving."

"Macro toasted coconut flakes"

"Bliss balls are the BEST"

"Sweet treat alternative: Sliced fruit with Cyclops 1% fat creamy greek yoghurt and Queen sugar free Maple Syrup. Sooo good."

"Popcorn. Natural Hummus and vege sticks-rice crackers..."

Lynn even provided us with an epic recipe to get us though the day!

"I have a good tahini dates and coconut oil recipe that you would love and is quite sweet so cool so sweetness"

Half a jar tahini

bag of dates or 1/2 and apricots

3 dessert spoons of coconut oil

put in the food processer

Add in the tahini if you want it to be firm

Place in a tray in the fridge!

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