You can visit the Gilmore Girls set and eat at their actual house!

Publish Date
Friday, 1 November 2019, 2:21PM

You can take your Gilmore Girls obsession to the next level...

December 21 to January 5, guests will be able to visit the set of the TV series and have a wander through the iconic town square, managing to get up close and personal with the sets for Luke’s Diner and Stars Hollow High.

The tour will also end with a festive dinner at no other than Lorelai’s house!

With three tours available to fans, you'll see everything you can from the shows set, and feel like you're part of the show!

Pose for a picture in front of Luke’s Diner and reminisce about the many “life changing” coffee chats that were shared inside AND there's plenty of merch for sale to make sure you never forget the time you spent there!

You can buy tour tickets on the Warner Brothers website here, prices start at around $69 USD.