You can now get Espresso Martini's in a CAN!

Publish Date
Friday, 1 November 2019, 1:41PM

Who doesn't love sipping an espresso martini at the bar and looking classy ASF?

Well sometimes you just don't have the cash to splash on cocktails, and now that problem has been solved.

Liquor brand Kahlua has just released its very own Espresso Martinis in a can!

The cans are available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, Finland, and the US, so we can all save a little bit of coin on the wrong thing in the bar!

Extra points if you pour one into a Martini glass at your next party!

Made with real coffee, they taste just like a freshly made one from your local bartender.


The drinks are only available to people over the age of 18.