You can now get a drunk version of UNO and it's sure to spice up any party!

This is just what we need to spice up the long weekend!

If quarantine taught us anything, it's that a drink or two can spice up anything and that includes our fave chidlhood games.

That's where Drunk UNO comes in.

It's just like the classic game, but with an R18 makeover it deserves!

How to play...

The game starts with everyone taking a shot, naturally.

The rules then state that a Draw 2 = 1 shot and a Draw 4 = 2 shots. The person at the receiving end of the Reverse card takes 2 shots, and anyone skipped must also take, you guessed it, 2 shots. 

Finally, a false Uno - when a player forgets to call out Uno - results in 3 shots.

Yes, that's correct. T.H.R.E.E. 

You can find sets on Amazon and Etsy, or make your own at home with shot glasses and a pack of UNO!

Always drink responsibly!

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