You can now buy gin-infused sauces and we're feeling kinda weird about it

Publish Date
Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 9:57AM

Fancy a drink with dinner? Why not include the drink IN your dinner.. 

We can all agree that a risotto is never complete without a good glug of white wine, or Nana won't be happy if the Christmas trifle doesn't have a healthy dose of liquor, But the latest alcoholic-foodie trend has us a little perplexed...

We're talking about gin-infused tomato sauce and mayo...

Mossel & Gin seafood restaurant in Amsterdam have started selling their alcoholic sauces range, which includes Gin-Mayo and 'Gin-Chup' which is gin-infused ketchup. 

I guess we shouldn't knock it 'til we try it, but we'll be sticking to the regular versions for now. 


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