Would you spend $200,000 at Disneyland?

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Tuesday, 12 December 2023, 3:48PM

How much would you spend at Disneyland? Well, Nick Cannon spends $200,000 a year at Disneyland. 🎡

The 'Masked Singer' host, who has twins with ex-wife Mariah Carey, is lamenting the loss of the "perks" he used to enjoy as host of Disneyland's Christmas celebrations because he's now racking up huge bills taking his 12 kids to see Mickey Mouse and friends.

Appearing on 'The Breakfast Club', Nick said: "The crazy thing is 'cause I used to host Christmas morning at Disneyland, I used to get that Disney bag, there were perks, so all of that stuff was free. It is no longer free!"🎟️

"I had two kids then. I've got 12 now, and every birthday and Christmas I'm literally at Disneyland once a month and now, I’m probably spending $200,000 a year at Disney."

“Disneyland is expensive already, especially if you're trying to stay in the hotel. It’s not how it used to be … you gotta make reservations."

"$200,000 a year at Disneyland! I used to be an employee! The 43-year-old star joked he wants his hosting job back. 🎢💰

He added: “I’m like, ‘Mickey, can you hook a [guy] up? Can I get my job back?'”

The 'Future Superstars' host recently admitted he'll be very busy over the holiday season as he spends quality time with all his children.

"It's all about the kids so, you'll definitely see us doing some fun, over the top stuff in the next 30 days."

I think we all wish we had $200,000 to drop on some R'n'R time at The Happiest Place On earth! 🎠

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