Will your New Year's Resolutions SUCCEED or FAIL?

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Sunday, 31 December 2023, 11:16AM

These are the Top Most Desired New Year's Resolutions of 2024, according to Forbes. 🏆

🏃‍♀️ Improve fitness - 48%

💰 Improve finances - 38%

😊 Improve mental health - 36%

🏋️‍♀️ Lose weight - 34%

🥗 Improve diet - 32%

🥰 Make more time for loved ones (naw) - 25%

🚭 Stop smoking - 12%

🎨 Learn a new skill - 9%

However, when it comes to achieving our resolutions, what are the one's that we are most likley to succeed and fail at?

(Says me having failed every New Year's resolution by January 4th 😮‍💨)

The key to success is in the goal! 🥅

The types of goals we set matters when it comes to success. Research suggests action-oriented goals are more likely to result in success after a year than extreme or complete avoidance-oriented goals (58.9% vs. 47.1%). 

So, instead of setting an extreme/avoidance-oriented goal like: "I'm not going to drink any energy drinks" or "I'm going to go to the gym every day", try setting an action-oriented goal, such as "I'm going to let myself have 2 energy drinks a week" or "I'm going to increase the number of days I exercise each month."

These action-oriented goals are beneficial at building habits and allow for flexibility! So get action goal setting team! 🏆

It takes 28 days to build a habit!

Research reveals that over 90 per cent of people are not successful in their New Year's resolutions, and this 'failure' often begins two weeks after the goal is set. So as long as you can get through that 2 week - 1 month mark your trajectory for succeeding is far more likley! Stick at it!

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