Will this 'hangover free' vodka actually have you feeling good the next morning?

Publish Date
Saturday, 19 August 2017, 1:07PM

It has been marketed as a hangover free beverage that uses water and amino acids combined with  vodka to keep you nourished as you drink.

But is this wonder-drink actually as amazing as they claim it is?

"Now you drink whilst staying hydrated, consume our Pure Aminos and enjoy the next day without that awful hangover."

It turns out that it kind of, but not really is.

Dr Andy Towers, a Massey University School of Health Sciences senior lecturer said that the claim was a "scientific implausibility".

"Too much alcohol in your system results in a hangover regardless of the product you consume. The hangover is not well understood but what we do know is that most of the hangover effects result from the aftermath of the body having to process alcohol itself.

"It's possible the product developer is saying that their product avoids hangovers because they include water and amino acids. However, bundling them into the same package as the alcohol itself is effectively self-defeating. Alcohol actively depletes the body's water and nutrients because the body has to break it down and dispose of it."

So basically as long as your drinking alcohol, you're gonna get hungover - the only difference here is it's gonna be a more expensive hangover than the typical Smirnoff one.