Who we think the Black Hood on Riverdale could be

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 11:52AM
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

This season on Riverdale, the Black Hood has been causing all sorts of drama.

First, he shot Fred Andrews (WHY THO), which sent our beloved Archiekens into a total tailspin, with Ms Grundy and Moose also following similar fates.

Because of all this, Archie formed a watch group with his fellow football teammates, allowing the Black Hood to sit back and admire all the chaos he's caused in the community of Riverdale.

 So WHO is the BLACK HOOD?!

Here's what we know about him so far: He's got green eyes, he LOVES playing mind games, he's got a pretty strong moral code, he's OBSESSED with Betty Cooper, and he says that Betty Cooper would recognise him. It's not much, but it narrows down the list of subjects...

 Hal Cooper

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He's probably the most popular suspect, as he fits the middle-aged man with green eyed character, but we're a little confused as to why he'd want to torture his very own daughter!

Perhaps the most crucial piece of evidence to the "Hal is the Black Hood" theory is that the small-town serial killer not only knew Betty's number, but he also wrote the cypher using symbols that only Betty would understand. The symbols were derived from Betty's favourite childhood book. Who else would have known that other her very own father??

Chic Cooper

Although Chic Betty's long-lost brother is yet to show up on Riverdale, we know he's set to appear sometime this season.

Despite his actor Hart Denton not appearing to match the physical appearances of the Black Hood, he may have grown up with a lot of resentment for the family he never knew hence causing him to be another popular pick to be the Black Hood.

Hiram Lodge

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This one's no surprise, with his manipulation tactics and the way he's taking advantage of the current panic in Riverdale.

He bought the Chock'lit Shoppe when it was labelled the "Death Diner" post-Freds death and encouraged Archie to form the red circle. Given his history, we know he'll do anything for a lucrative business deal, but he definitely doesn't work alone, which leads to our next guess...

There's more than one Black Hood

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For all we know, there may be a copycat killer running around, or a team of people behind the Black Hood. Because at this stage, who really knows what could happen?! 

Dilton Doiley

We know it's a wildcard, but he's a survivalist and he has a massive crush on Betty Cooper in the Archie comics. Never forget: He gave Archie a gun, no questions asked. And he's paranoid AF. 

If Dilton's got a stash of canned beans and guns, then is it completely out of the question of possibility to think he's lurking under the cloak of darkness, eliminating those he deems unworthy?