What's on the 2024 Bingo Card?

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Friday, 12 January 2024, 9:15AM

We're at day 12 of 2024 and already had Golden Globes drama, Aliens in Miami (???), and Kanye is back on socials posting his Kim-lookalike, Bianca. 😮‍💨

It's safe to say this year will be wild and there's no predicting what might happen... but we're going to give it a go! ❤️

Here is our pretty chaotic 2024 Predictions Bingo Card!

From surprise pregnancies to Olympic triumphs and Sock Buns to secret weddings, who knows what 2024 will bring! Some of the more shocking predictions would have to be:

Is Harry Styles growing a beard? 🧔🏽‍♂️

I still remember the day I saw 'HARRY STYLES IS BALD' everywhere on socials after people spotted Harry with a shaved head. WHAT?! The man cannot be stopped...will we see him with some 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant' music video-level facial hair?

Will Miley Cyrus do an 'Eras' Style Tour? 💜

Let's be real; Miley has more than enough eras to do an Era-esque tour! There's her 'Hannah Montana era', the angsty 'Break-Over phase' after her break up with Nick Jonas, the 'Last Song era' where Liam entered the scene to her Dead-Petz/Wrecking Ball 'I Play by My Own Rules and Twerk' phase, then the 'Back to My Roots' Malibu era and finally her 'I Can Buy Myself Flowers' self-empowerment phase. The thought of this makes me tingle! Fingers crossed! 🤞 

Are we going to see Jacob and Austin brawl over Kaia Gerber? 👊

Austin Butler is now with model, Kaia Gerber, who used to date our 'Saltburn' boy, Jacob Elordi. Will they follow in the hateful footsteps of Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet who had beef over our queen Zendaya?

 Can we please have a One Direction reunion? 💋

Preferably a concert, maybe a song or interview... I'll even take a photo! Surely we just need to get Zayn onboard and it'll happen?

 Following Timothée and Kylie's inevitable red carpet hard launch, will he model for a Skims ad campaign? Are Tom and Zendaya going to secretly elope and will Travis Kelce be at the Australian Eras Tour? 🤨

Bringing it closer to home; will it finally be The Wahs' year? Can Lydia Ko bring us another Olympic gold? And here's to hoping Chloe Swarbrick appears in an episode of Shortland Street! 😉

Happy 2024! 👑

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