We've FINALLY have a first look at Ryan Gosling in 'Barbie!'

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Thursday, 16 June 2022, 2:02PM

We finally have a peak at what Ryan Gosling looks like as Ken for the film 'Barbie!' 

Warner Bros. Pictures posted the pic this morning at 4am NZT and we can't stop looking at it!

A few months ago, April 26th, Warner Bros. Pictures shared pics of Margo Robbie as Barbie so it looks like they're enjoying the slow tease!

The internet seems divided with this new photo of Ryan as Ken, some loving the look and others unsure. 

To be fair, he looks pretty accurate as Barbie's tanned, toned and plastic bf, Ken! 

Unfortunately we have more than a YEAR to see what the film has in store for us 😭😭

July 21 2023, we're waiting for you!!

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