We're all about this genius Kmart laundry hamper hack

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 5:06PM

Ohhh Kmart, you are way too good to us. 

The chain store has allowed us to deck out our home with modern accessories but with only a small dent to the bank account. 

But now we have a way to create one kick-ass laundry hamper, with two separate Kmart items. 

A newsreader at the ZM office, Ash, has introduced us to this awesome Kmart laundry basket hack.

Store washing items away and out of sight with this Storage Wire Basket Table from Kmart, and line it with a Quilt Cover (also from Kmart).


Not only is it functional - with the lid keeping stinky clothes at bay, it’s also chic and stylish.