Well here's some bad news if you love a good energy drink

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Sunday, 13 August 2017, 7:14PM
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Photo / Twitter

Well, for some this may seem like a scratch record, for others it may just be yet another explanation about why you shouldn't treat yo self, unfortunately, the research is there and all you energy drink lovers you may need to listen up!

Adolescents and young adults who consume too many energy drinks are much more at risk to become addicted to illicit drugs later on life.

A new study from the University of Maryland, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, found that people who drank large volumes of the highly caffeinated beverages were also much more likely to develop alcoholism than their peers.

Just over half of the 1099 participants were deemed to be on a "persistent trajectory", indicating they persistently used energy drinks over a four-year period. This significantly increased their risk of developing alcoholism by the age of 25.

Participants on the mid-to-high end of the spectrum studied had a significantly higher risk of moving on to drugs like cocaine and other stimulants.

"This study gives evidence of a specific contribution of energy drink consumption to later substance use," said Professor Amelia Arria, an associate professor of behavioural and community health who was the lead author on the US-based study.

"The results suggest that energy drink users might be at heightened risk for other substance use, particularly stimulants."

Around three per cent of Australians regularly consume energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar, which are particularly popular with people aged 14-30. The beverages don't just provide a gateway to harder substances, as this study suggests, but a whole host of other medical conditions.

High consumption of energy drinks has also been linked to health complaints such as headaches, stomach aches and sleeping problems.

  • This article was first published on nzherald.co.nz and is republished here with permission.