Web girl Ellie tries out the Avo-latte fad: 'I'd probably just take an Instagram pic of it'

Publish Date
Friday, 26 May 2017, 2:57PM

Web girl Ellie and NZ Herald's Trial and Error team have tried out the new Avo-latte fad, combining two of our favourite things!

Buuut according to Ellie, it was kinda strange.

Our panel of coffee drinkers agreed that the combination of creamy avocado and coffee was confusing. "I don't think I get it," Ellie said.

"It's weird putting your lips up to avocado skin."

The coffee literally tasted exactly the same, just with awkward bits of avocado, clutching their way into the girls' teeth.

It was a pretty unanimous decision that the Avo-latte is a bit of a no-go.