Want cheaper McDonald's? Here's how

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Saturday, 25 February 2017, 10:30AM
Photo: Instagram/mcdonaldsnz

Photo: Instagram/mcdonaldsnz

Former McDonald's workers have revealed the best hacks to use at the global fast food chain to help you get your hands on freshly cooked food and secret menu items, as well as saving money.

Requesting a burger without one ingredient means staff will have to make it fresh, rather than handing you one that's been sitting under the heat lamp, while the same trick works if you ask for unsalted fries.

You can also simply ask for a fresh food item, however, this means waiting for your order a little longer.

Requesting a receipt will make employees think you're a secret shopper, so they'll serve you the freshest food and quickly, too.

You can save money by ordering a cheap coffee and asking for a free refill of a more expensive hot drink, ordering the Happy Meal even if you're an adult and ordering a McDouble with Mac Sauce and lettuce to turn it into a Big Mac.

Former staff also advised ordering a "round egg" in your McDonald's breakfast if the item you're asking for usually contains a scrambled egg patty.

The "round egg" is a poached egg that is usually reserved for the McMuffin range and staff said it's the best variety they have. But it can be switched into any breakfast item at no additional charge, former workers said.

The hacks were shared by workers on question-and-answer website Quora from both the UK and the US, so not all will be applicable in both countries, but for the most part, their tips are universal.

In the UK, between 12pm and 2pm, and 5pm and 7pm, McDonald's workers are on high alert for mystery shoppers who always ask for a receipt. This insider says you'll get top quality fresh food if you ask for a receipt during these two times. Photo / QuoraBrazilian McDonald's sell a secret menu dish of rice and beans to comply with local laws, according to one insider. Photo / Quora Another insider recommended ordering three flavours of milkshake in one drink. Photo / QuoraThis user had several McDonald's secret menu hacks to share, including asking for a burger in a lettuce wrap. Photo / Quora A user who worked at McDonald's in the UK wanted to make people aware of the free refill perk at McDonald's - and you can ask for a different drink to the one you've previously ordered. Photo / QuoraOne user said if you ask for fries without salt, the staff will make a fresh batch for you. She added that you can order off the breakfast and lunch menu if you go at 10.35am. Photo / Quora

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