Vanessa Hudgens made her bump debut!!

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Monday, 11 March 2024, 10:03AM

2024 is literally shaping up to be the best. Vanessa Hudgens is expecting! 

Hudgens made her bump debut on the red carpet before the Oscars and omg cannot stop thinking about how this kid is gonna watch their mum in High School Musical. 

Vanessa who married her beau, Cole Tucker back in December previously told Vogue magazine her wedding "was genuinely the most magical weekend of my life."

"I am so grateful that we got to have a private wedding, and it helped that I took everyone’s phones away.

Vanessa's wedding actually "exceeded" her own expectations, with the actress admitting that she "couldn’t have dreamt it to be any better."

"Literally talking about it right now, I’m getting teary-eyed. I couldn’t have dreamt it to be any better. I knew it was going to be magical, but it exceeded my expectations."

Article first published by BangShowbiz and republished here with permission 

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