Tim Tam have created the cutest limited-edition bouquets for World Chocolate Day!

Publish Date
Monday, 4 July 2022, 3:29PM

Who's in the mood for a sweet treat... because it's World Chocolate Day this Thursday! 

And if this day couldn’t be any more exciting, Tim Tam bouquets are here to make hearts AND tastebuds bloom. 

As temperatures around the country dip, Tim Tam is looking to stoke the flames of love in celebration of World Chocolate Day. A limited-edition Tim Tam bouquet has been launched to mark the annual event – a special occasion for people worldwide to embrace their love of chocolate on the 7th July! 

Given Kiwis ate over 65 million Tim Tam biscuits in 2021 alone, there is no denying the love we have for this classic chocolate treat – and what better day to celebrate. 

Tim Tam bouquets are comprised of 12 full-size packets of New Zealand’s most in-demand Tim Tam flavours – Original, Double Coat and Chewy Caramel. Whether it’s a surprise gift for a loved one or you’re treating yourself, this is the bouquet you need in your life.  

They are available to order nationwide from today. To get your hands on one, simply visit Edible Blooms.co.nz or keep an eye on our Facebook page to win.

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