This woman charges money to create your wedding hashtag and they're actually worth paying for

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Thursday, 1 December 2016, 12:11PM

In this day and age (lol how old do we sound??) wedding hashtags are totally a thing and they're here to stay. 

And if you've got some spare money after arranging everything ever for your wedding, you can pay someone to be witty for you. 

Happily Ever #Hashtagged, is the brainchild of Los Angeles magazine culture and arts editor Marielle Wakim. She hopes to take some of the pressure off the happy couple. After generating winning wedding hashtags for some of her friends she tells The Cut that she decided it might be a good time to make a business out of it.

Jessica Zaroski & Harry Bauer⠀#iwannamarryharry

Sharrah Robeson & Tyler Stevens #SharrahTysTheKnot

Paige Thomas & Chad Van Norman #VanAndWife⠀

You can pay $40 for one hashtag, $85 for 3, or $115 for three wedding hashtags and two additional tags for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties.

Wakim explains to The Cut, “Generally where I start is with rhymes and idioms and seeing if there’s an idiom that already exists with their last name, or if their last name rhymes with something that can play with a fun idiom or a phrase.”.

Maggie Gottlieb & Charlie Madsen #CharMagweddon

Molly Goldbach & Chad Tempo #mollypicksupthetempo

Tbh we wish we thought of this.

And, yes, for those who were wondering, Wakim can hook it up with a clever hashtag for an occasion that ISN’T a wedding.

“The poet John Dryden once said,” Wakim writes, “that puns are the lowest and most groveling kind of wit. Was he England’s first Poet Laureate? Yes. Was he a millennial in search of a clever wedding hashtag? No. And so, I choose to align myself with Alfred Hitchcock, who called puns the highest form of literature.” Lolol.

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