This trick will help you get an iPhone battery that lasts longer

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Monday, 17 September 2018, 10:49AM

With the news of new iPhones from Apple comes the discontinuation of a bunch of iPhones including the iPhone X, SE, and 6s- which have now been removed from the Apple store.

We all know the suspicious feeling that our phones are slowing down with the release of new models. And it's pretty easy to find your phone dropping from 90% to 40% after checking Snapchat, Instagram and replying to the group chat.

So we set out to find the best way to make your iPhone battery last longer.

This technique supposedly guarantees a longer lasting battery: 

1. Let your phone die. It'll break your heart not lunging for the charger when you're on 5% but just play games, turn on your torch or stream some video.

2. When the phone dies, plug it into the charger. As soon as the Apple logo comes on screen, unplug it and let it die again. This helps to use up any power it's holding onto.

3. Once it dies for the second time, plug it into the charger again. When the Apple logo comes up, turn the phone off but keep it plugged in.

4. Leave your phone off, but charging, for at least five hours. Leaving it off overnight is ideal.

5. Turn your phone on while keeping it plugged in, and reset it by holding down home and the off button on the side.

6. You're good to go! Enjoy your newfound long-ass battery life.

Now we don't really know what this does to the phone, but it seems to work so we're not complaining!

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Other tips:

-Putting your phone on greyscale (settings -> General -> Accessibility) 

-Use a wall charger. It's more efficient. The iPad wall charger is the fastest charging of the apple range.

-Turn on airplane mode. This actually helps speed up the charging process.

-Don't turn the screen on or check it while charging - that uses battery.