This squeegee hack will remove all that nasty hair from your carpet

Whether it's yours or your pet's hair, this hack will save your floor (and your sanity).

How annoying is it when you vacuum the house, and it doesn't remove all that hair or pet fur? Well, this viral hack will fix all your problems.

All you need is a typical shower squeegee, which you can find cheap at Kmart, The Warehouse and basically any supermarket.

The hack originated from a post by @mrshinchhome on Instagram.

If you have a house full of people with long hair or a just a fluffy animal, running the squeegee across the floor will bunch it all up and make it so much easier to remove.

Oh, and if you thought your floors were clean... try this out and you'll probably change your mind...

Some of us in the ZM office tried this one out and it really does work!

Happy cleaning, fam!

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