This piece of audio is pretty damning evidence of who Riverdale's 'Black Hood' is!

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Friday, 24 November 2017, 11:24AM
Photo: Instagram/Riverdale

Photo: Instagram/Riverdale

This year, anyone who's a fan of 'Riverdale' will have put on their detective hats in a desperate attempt to find out who the Black Hood really is!

This season, viewers have been introduced to a character called the black hood who's been causing a s*** tonne of drama and grief on the streets of Riverdale, including killing Miss Grundy and shooting Archie's dad.

We've broken down the different theories of who he(or she) could be and still can't quite put our finger on who it is!

A fan has done some serious undercover work and has proved that one of our theories may be correct! 

On the show, the Hood uses voice-altering technology to make his voice unrecognisable (and creepy AF sounding), but the super sleuth has sped up the sound and altered the voice to a normal pitch!

And it sounds EXACTLY like the voice of Hiram Lodge! Don't believe us? Watch the clip below!

Buuut don't go quitting on the show quite yet! Apparently, the creators of Riverdale have said the writers don't even know who the Black Hood is yet and that they've currently got 3 characters in mind for the role!

Looks like we're just going to have to wait it out just like everyone else and find out at the end of the season!