This picture has sparked the rumour Taika Waititi and Rita Ora are engaged

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 12:11PM

Look, we hate fake news as much as everyone else... But this kinda has us thinking. 

Rita Ora has left fans pretty confused with a cryptic Instagram story she posted yesterday (which she promptly removed). 

The picture was of the singer's hand after a manicure, with some sick looking hot pink nails with rings on each finger. But what got fans talking was an emoji covering her ring finger... 

Interesting right. And we know these two are pretty into doing things off the cuff! So could it be true?

According to New Idea, our Hollywood Kiwi calls his girlfriend Rita, 30, "wifey" and "chats about how he's going to be her first and last husband".

The source continued, "Everyone around them downplays it as flirty banter, but [Rita is] definitely hoping he's for real."

We'll reserve our thoughts until we get confirmation, but how cool would that be! 

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