This NZ Restaurant lets you 'pay-as-you-feel'

After it's success as a pop-up at St Kevin's Arcade on K' Road every Monday night, the all-inclusive pay-as-you-feel dining concept now has a permanent location!

Every year, over one trillion dollars worth of food is wasted, while a billion people go hungry. Everybody Eats has set out to combat this, "feed[ing] bellies not bins."

Using food donated by local businesses, the team convert ingredients that would normally go to landfill into meals for the community.

The communal dining space feeds up to 150 people, five days a week. 

They ask that you donate as much as you can, or as much as you feel the meal is worth, and promise no judgement!

The Everybody Eats flagship restaurant is now open Sunday to Thursday 6–8pm at 306 Onehunga Mall, Auckland. 

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