This Kmart-Bunnings collaboration results in a pretty sweet fridge hack

Publish Date
Friday, 29 September 2017, 2:47PM

The fridge, is arguably one of our greatest friends. 

And they can stick around for a while! But just like any other appliance, over it time it acquires scuffs, yellowing and just looks ancient. They're not cheap to replace either!

So wouldn't it be amazing if you could transform it into a new and contemporary fridge, without spending the $$$? 

Well thanks to this genius Kmart and Bunnings home hack, your fridge dreams can come true!


All you have to do is pick up some $5 silver Adhesive Vinyl from Kmart, $10 black enamel paint from Bunnings and get renovating.



Ya wouldn't even know it was the same fridge?!