This is what Netflix binge-watchers could look like in 20 years

Publish Date
Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 5:00PM

We all love a Netflix binge... but we've gotta admit this is a little freaky...

Researchers from analysed data from various studies on how our ‘indoor lifestyle’ impacts the human body and it's not looking good...

The website created two computer-generated people called Eric and Hannah to show the effects binge-watching could have on us in the long term. 

From pale skin and deep bags under their eyes, to red scleras, and rounded shoulders, these are just some of the affects that our Netflix addiction could have in the future.

Not to mention, they looking pretty damn unhappy.

They also claim it could lead to more serious issues, such as an increased risk of diabetes, bowel cancer and varicose veins.

The research comes after 43 per cent of US adults said they were more likely to watch movies on streaming services due to the Coronavirus lock down. 

Guess we won't be hitting play on that 5th episode...

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