This ingenious trick will save your bed sheets from fake tan!

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Thursday, 2 November 2017, 1:41PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes you've just got to fake it til you make it. 

During these winter months we don't want to become translucent, so we slather our bods in fake tan. 

However, our sheets don't tend to fend well when it comes to being exposed to the orange sticky substance. 

Waking up to that brown body-shaped patch is far from a delight, BUT there is actually a way to avoid this occurrence!

Tanning brand Bondi Sands has taken to Facebook to reveal a freaking handy fake tanning tip:

Yes, baby powder is the answers to our fake tan woes! Dusting yourself in a light coat will help to absorb your sweat and prevent transfer.

This is actually a legit tactic that's been used by tanning technicians for years, with expert Anna Stankiewicz telling Allure back in 2014 that she never tans without it.

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Anna recommends getting yourself a large, fluffy makeup brush and dusting yourself from top to toe with a generous puff of baby powder.

Don't stress - it won't mess up your tan, but it will absorb any odours, oils and sweat and prevent that post-spray stickiness.

So cya later to those yuck brown stains in your bedding. Well, the stains from tan anyway...