This hack will clean your jewellery after all those days at the beach

When your jewelry starts to go black and tarnish from the beach, this hack will save you!

A Pandora-loving mum has caught the attention of the internet after she shared the gross process for cleaning her charm bracelet. And it reveals just how much filth the little pendants pick up.

And the hack is SUPER simple.

First shared to Facebook group "We Love Mrs Hinch", images show the bracelet sat in boiling hot water with a squirt of washing liquid.

Left to soak for five minutes, this is where things get gross.

Many others shared their reactions to using the hack with others suggesting using an old toothbrush for cleaning rings. 

"Always clean my jewellery like this have done for about 20 years [sic].

"If you got an old toothbrush it's great for rings with gemstones in and brings them up lovely."

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