This girl's chest tattoo literally fell off and left a horrific scar

Tattoos can come with some real horror stories but this is potentially the worst we've ever seen. 

Pasuda Reaw wanted her tattoo removed and she decided to use an erasing technique called Rejuvi, according to

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Basically, there's a tattoo remover cream which is applied using the same needle that is used for tattooing and the chemical is meant to destroy skin pigments. This means the tattoo is transformed into an easily removable scab. Yuck, we're already feeling ill. 

Soon, though, she discovered it's not really as simple as that. 

She shared the process on a day-by-day basis on her social media accounts, and on day one it seemed to be good and just peeling as intended.


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But after a few days it became infected and a lot of pus was coming out of the wound.

Once the infection cleared up, the tattoo peeled off. But that's not it. 

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Her skin became very delicate, and bled even from the slightest bit of contact. And instead of the scar turning back to her skin colour, it looked similar to a burn.

This is awful! And three months on, the scar is still extremely visible!! 


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She decided to share the ordeal to raise awareness about the Rejuvi technique and to encourage people to avoid this tattoo removal technique at all costs. 

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