This deleted Riverdale scene could've completely changed the season finale

Publish Date
Friday, 11 August 2017, 3:37PM

Things got pretty dark on Riverdale's season one finale. 

Not only was Fred Andrews shot (Will he live? Will he die?!) but one of our favs appeared to turn to the dark side as Jughead Jones followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Southside Serpents. 

This happened due to Jughead being cast astray without a carer and having to move to Southside High. 

But, a deleted scene that has been leaked online, now reveals that we could have had a much happier ending for Jughead. 

In the deleted scene above, Mama Cooper actually offered him a place to stay, so he didn't have to live with strangers and move to the Southside.

Obviously, this result would have been amazing! But why did they shoot the scene at all?

It turns out that they actually shot a number of potential endings for the show in case it wasn't renewed for a second season.

So alas, we have to deal with the fact that Jughead Jones has gone to the dark side... our only hope now rests on Betty to save him!