This behind-the-scenes Harry Potter photo ruins the magic of Hogwarts

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Friday, 27 January 2017, 12:23PM
Photo: Facebook/Harry Potter

Photo: Facebook/Harry Potter

If you have read any of the Harry Potter books, you would have felt the magic pretty much escaping from the pages. 

And then the movies came out, and the magic on screen was all you imagined and more. 

But it wasn't really magic was it? It was special effects and editing.

However it's been pretty easy to emit the truth from our brains, and just pretend that magic in Harry Potter land is real.

Well until now. 

This photo posted on imgur shows how that magic happened and it’s not for those who want to keep the mystery of Harry Potter alive in your mind forever.

As shown below, you can see green-screen hands taking the books from Emma Watson. Yup, it was just a bunch of adults snatching books from Watson that was then changed with special effects.

We know, the truth hurts.