The Warehouse is now selling sanitary products for $1 to help fight period poverty

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 February 2020, 12:39PM

One step closer to fighting period poverty!

Recently The Warehouse announced that they are releasing a line of sanitary products that will sell for a $1, to help fight the issue of period poverty across New Zealand.

Posting to Facebook, the iconic NZ brand said "Making women's hygiene products accessible to all Kiwis with our affordable $1 sanitary pads #FightingPeriodPoverty ❤️"

The products, which are made up of regular pads, super pads and liners are the company's way to help females who find themselves in a tight situation when it comes to that time of the month.

Reaction online was great, with many commenters happy that such a large company could make this step towards solving such a big issue.

"Great to see a retailer stepping up and providing very affordable sanitary items"

One fan also suggested they add this to their ongoing donations process; "Please have these at the counter as your "donate a pack" sale instead of the donate a dollar to xx etc."


You can find the products online, here.

The products are instore now, and we can only hope they add tampons and more to the collection in the near future!

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