The trailer for New Zealand's FIRST Netflix film is here!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 12:11PM

Netflix has done it again, and this time the film is set and filmed entirely in NZ!

Falling Inn Love, a classic rom-com, follows Gabriela who loses her job and partner, but wins a rustic Inn, in New Zealand!

But after moving overseas, she discovers that The Bellbird Valley Farm boasts a crumbling facade, a goat house-mate, and a meddling neighbor who covets the space.

Eager to renovate and sell the property fast, she partners with Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), the Kiwi contractor who's amused by her city-girl culture shock. 

The film was entirely filmed in NZ- even featuring some familiar Kiwi faces throughout the movie.

Falling Inn Love hits Netflix August 29!