The side effect of getting a tattoo that you probably didn't know about

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you could take anything from this, it'd be to think before you ink!

Not only should you be wary of what you're getting tattooed, you also may want to be sure about getting a tattoo at all.  

This is because getting a tattoo has a strange side-effect: it changes the way you sweat.

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Researchers at Alma College in Michigan, U.S.A, have found that people with tattooed skin produce less sweat in comparison to those with non-tattooed skin.

Along with this, the sweat of tattooed people contained almost twice the amount of sodium.

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Some medical professionals are warning for people to be aware of this before making the decision to get a tattoo, as sweating is a vital function that helps us to control our body temperatures.

A reduction in the amount we sweat can potentially lead to dangerous outcomes, even leading us to overheat and suffer heat stroke.

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The research also said that the increased loss of sodium in tattooed-skin could mean you become dehydrated quicker, suffering from more cramp.

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Just something to keep in mind! 

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