The secret sign that someone is attracted to you

Publish Date
Friday, 28 July 2017, 9:31AM

If you've been hitting up a bae on Tinder and have a date locked in, then this wee bit of advice will prove to be invaluable!

Nothing worse than reading the signs wrong and thinking that someone is totally into you when they're really just getting ready to ghost the sh*t out of you post date. 

Now you'll be able to get a fair idea whether you are in for a second date or not, as there is one fairly obvious sign that someone is attracted to you. 

New research has found that our eyes scan other people's bodies differently, depending on whether our interest in the other person is platonic or romantic.

They found that people looked at the head and chest more when “assessing potential mates,” and looked more at the legs and feet of potential friends.

The researchers argue that their findings show that beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder – but what the beholder is looking for in terms of a potential relationship.

So if they're looking at your feet then sorry mate, they either a) aren't keen on you in that way or b) are noticing how ugly your toes are so probs won't be keen on you anyway!