The little things that instantly make a woman look hotter according to males

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Thursday, 16 November 2017, 2:28PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It's hard being a female. 

There's so much pressure to look like those hot 'insta models' but let's be honest, that's not entirely what a man thinks is hot. 

Men have taken to a Reddit thread that asks "what makes someone more attractive" with some answers that are pretty damn cute!

1. "Clothes that fit properly"

2. "Good posture"

3. "Kindness. Someone who is genuinely kind not just to people they know but the random people they meet through out the day." 

4. "That one out-of-place strand of hair."

5. "Leather biker jackets. A well-designed one with a bit of flashy flair to it can instantly make someone look good!"

6. "Clean teeth."

7. "Braided hair. Gets me everytime."

8. "Standing on their toes to reach something. Somethings about that pose just gets the blood flowing."

9. "Being well spoken and articulate."

10. "Slightly messy hair."

11. "Girls with ponytails. Scenes in movies where girls first have their hair down and then they're shown tying up their hair in ponytails is really hot and I don't know why."

12. "Making fun of themselves in a light-hearted and cheerful manner. People who are able to take a joke and engage in banter right off the bat are so much more enjoyable to be around and far more magnetic."

13. "When they are really nice to wait staff at restaurants."

14. "Pierced nipples poking through her shirt."

15. "Direct eye contact. So many people talk to you, but very few actually look at you. It's refreshing and really attractive."