The Jonas Brothers CALLED UP an NZ artist

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Saturday, 17 February 2024, 12:16PM

Imagine getting a phone call from The Jonas Brothers, NZ artist Paige doesn't have to. 

"I’m still processing, what a dream. Thank you guys so much ❤️"

I'd be nervous pooping before answering that call hahaha 

Our girl, Paige has a new single out just in time for summer and trust us you'll be adding it to your regular rotation. 

Off her debut album,  King Clown comes another hit 'Carousel' with its jittery electronic beat, unconventional rhythm and gorgeous vocals, ‘Carousel’ is mesmerising as Paige sings of a troubled relationship that feels like it just goes round and round without any resolution.

Speaking about the song, Paige said: "I guess it signifies being stagnant and moving but staying in the same place which was inspired by a relationship I was in."

Catch Paige and The Jonas Brothers in Auckland 28th Feb! 

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