The Internet is disgusted at a bride's outrageous bridesmaid selection process

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Sunday, 30 July 2017, 6:00PM
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Photo / Getty Images

It's supposed to be the biggest day of a lady's life, but this wedding day might be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

Reddit users all around have stumbled on this post that has truly split the crowd. For most, weddings are traditional things, you send a heartfelt letter or invitation or party to ask if they would share in this special moment with you but if this story is anything to go by, apparently, there are other ways to ask for your bridesmaids, whether they are acceptable or not.

A bride has requested that her friends bid to be one of her bridesmaids, and if you were wondering whether the maid of honour has to do the same, yep she does! The spots will go to the six highest bidders and the bride has even sent invites to her friends to take part in the action. The bride's sister took to Reddit to share the whole experience. In the post she explains:

My sister is kind of shallow (bet you'd never have guessed, right?) and mainly only associates with rich people, or more accurately people with rich families since none of these young 20s girls have ever held a job in their life unless it's at their parents' investment firm. So most of the people she sent these to have the money for this kind of thing. But I know she also sent a few to older friends of hers, like from high school or earlier, who she's not only lost touch with as they got older but also were from lower income backgrounds. She has no awareness about how inappropriate it is in many ways.

Plus if you're wondering where all that money is going, it will be used for the wedding and their honeymoon. The rest of the Internet have since added in their thoughts and opinions, with most sharing the sisters opinion: