The five foods to ditch to lose weight

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 12:13PM
Photo: Instagram/donuts

Photo: Instagram/donuts

Losing weight isn't exactly easy. 

There are so many things you're 'not meant to eat' or are 'sometimes' foods, but why only eat pizza sometimes when you can eat it all the time?!

To make your #shreddingforsummer easier, you may want to focus on the top five foods that Sydney-based obesity expert Dr Nick Fuller recommends to avoid to stay slim for good.

The top five foods to avoid

COCONUT OIL: Cleverly marketed as a healthier choice, it actually contains 120 calories per tablespoon and 12g of saturated fat. It's also harmful to cholesterol levels and blocks up arteries.

Fuller believes olive oil is the healthier choice as studies show that olive oil can even help lower your risk of heart disease.

WHITE BREAD: Contains little to no nutrition and is heavy on calories and sugar. Yup, that means no more Fairy Bread.

Fuller recommends swapping white bread for wholegrain, which contains far more fibre and nutrients. 

CHEESE: Nooo not delicious cheese?!

Three slices of the yellow 'deliciousness' contains a massive 400 calories.

ALCOHOL: You can't be "on it til you vomit" if you want them abs!

Avoiding unnecessary calories found in alcohol is a great way to slim down.

Fuller recommends switching to water, which contains no calories at all.

DRIED FRUIT: We knew date scones were evil...

Dried fruit contains five times the amount of calories as fresh fruit because all the water has been removed, so go for that fresh fruit instead.