The diet that will improve your performance in the bedroom

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Saturday, 2 December 2017, 12:10PM
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Photo / Getty

When it comes down to it - food or sex, which one is the priority?

This is the unfortunate reality that a study has uncovered which compared different diets and the performance associated in the bedroom.

The study got two groups of people and told one group to cut 25% of their calorie intake, while the others stayed the same.

After a year the group cutting calories both lost 10% of their body weight and reported a much better and satisfying sex life.

"What people report is that after they ‘get over the hump’ and start to lose weight, their hunger levels subside a bit and they start to feel the benefits of the weight loss.

They find it easier to move around, their joints hurt less, they feel better."

So there you have it, eat less - better sex.