The best guide to cure and prevent a hangover this weekend

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Friday, 6 October 2017, 12:51PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The weekend is here and it's time to get your drink on, but like always, you want to do it without getting a hangover. Yeah, easier said than done right? well, not necessarily! Here's the best way to not only cure your hangover, but hopefully prevent it as well!

Step 1 - Stock up

Before a night on the piss, plan ahead and try to make sure you have the kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets are stocked. We're talking painkillers, sweets, soda water, Powrade, Berocca or whatever you know makes you feel better. 

Step 2 - Drink lots and lots of water

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Drinking plenty of water before an after you go out drinking will allow you to stay hydrated. As you probably know, dehydration is one of the worst side effects drinking has, so making sure you down some plain ol' H2O before, while, after, AND the next day, will take care of that nasty dry mouth. 

Step 3 - Eat Eat Eat

I mean c'mon, the whole "eating is cheating" is only something that frat boy douche bags say, and since when has food not been the best part of every night out/morning after?  A full stomach is the best way to begin and end your night to counteract the effects of alcohol, and don't shy away from the fast food either; the fattier or carbier the better. Opt for a fresh and healthy breakfast (more likely brunch) in the morning to start the day after, it'll perk you right up!

Step 4 - Don't go hard on the D floor

Or on a physically exhausting adventure - seriously, it can strongly affect your hangover. If you want to avoid that sore body feeling after a night out, take it easy on the physically draining activities. If you're one of those people who enjoy exercise (congrats), you might want to go for a light run in the morning too boost endorphins without straining your body too hard. If you do, make sure to stick to step 2 and keep hydrated!

Step 5 - Shower

Nothing works better than a shower when it comes to feeling fresh. A nice warm shower (or cold if your brave) will get you clean and relaxed before and after a night on the town. For an extra burst of freshness during your morning after show, open the window for some fresh air.

Step 6 - Distraction

If you find yourself wallowing in sickness and regret, get up and do something. Distracting yourself from a hangover is the easiest way to feel better instantly. If you cant get out of bed, watch some netflix and absorb yourself in a comedy series or drama.

Step 7 - Sleep

If all fails, just kick it in bed. Sleep is the best remedy for an aching head and a regretful soul.