The 2024 Top Trending Baby Names

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Thursday, 4 January 2024, 4:21PM

Let's be real... naming your baby is a BIG deal! 😱👼

You want to give them a cool name, that they can have little anecdotes with people over, and you also want it to suit them... but how can you do that when you don't know who they'll be?

With 2023 drawing to a close and 2024 on the horizon, experts have revealed the top trends in baby names for the coming year so you can get ahead of the curve! 👀

Trend One: It's safe to say that the Roman Empire must be running around guys' heads all day with a lot of the names giving “Roman Empire energy”. 🏛

Trend Two: Another trend will be “surnames as first names” and the continued rise in popularity of gender-neutral names such as Carter for boys or Spencer for girls.

Trend Three: Flower-inspired names are also set to blossom in 2024 with an abundance of popular floral names for both girls and boys. Juniper, which means 'Evergreen' or 'young', will be the most popular girls’ name, while Orion is the top trending name for boys, and signifies health and happiness.

The names Azalea, symbolising joy, success and abundance, and Blossom, implying beauty and new beginnings, come in second and third on the list, followed by Poppy, Lily, Daisy, Jasmine, Rose, Indigo and Violet. 🌸

In second and third place respectively on the boys’ list of names are Rowan, a flower symbolising protection and which means “tree of life” in Celtic, and Ren, the Buddhist symbol for purity and perfection. 🌳

Next on the list are the names Jared, Florian, Basil, Linden, Cedar, Thorn and Hollis - many of them botanical-themed.

According to name consultant and YouTuber, SJ Strum, the baby boy names set to become very trendy in 2024 include Otto, Kit, Enzo, Otis, Ronnie and Reuben.💙

Names such as Artemi, Cleo, Lotus, Harlow, Jade, Rose and Carmen are set to be popular baby girl names in 2024. 💗

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