That random diamond patch on your backpack actually does something

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Monday, 27 February 2017, 11:03AM
Photo: Herschel Supply Co.

Photo: Herschel Supply Co.

We go through life not knowing some things and then after we find them out it blows our mind and we're like WTFFF HOW DID WE ONLY JUST FIND THIS OUT.

This is one of these things. Though we're likely to never use this for its intended use tbh, we just like knowing why the eff that random little slitted diamond patch found on your faux-ironic/nostalgic Jansport rucksack is there.

It's not just there for decoration which is what we originally thought! 

A glimpse behind-the-scenes of the Offset Collection photo shoot for #HSCHoliday 2016.

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Called a "lash tab" or "pig snout" (cute), that leather's original intent is to hold extra gear on cords to be strung through the openings. If you're going tramping and such, it might mean a torch or canteen, or even an extra pair of boots. If you're more of a city-goer, it might mean earbud storage.

And just in case your bag somehow bucks the trend of purposefully "vintage" styling, lash tabs are easy enough to buy and sew on on their own. The more you know.